Saturday, October 7, 2017

Simple and long-lasing scientific output for monitoring and bio-conservation?

I always feel, "Science" in the context of biodiversity monitoring and conservation should be such that local people who are consistently available at conservation sites over very long periods can understand, practice and implement it without physical presence of the "Scientist"(s). Conservation has survived not because of 'pure scientists' but because of local people. Most of our scientific interventions are 'project based' for small durations. So please think about such aspects.

Please make Science simple for grass root level staff and other persons because the future of biodiversity or a species depends strongly or entirely on inputs from local talent or muscle-power available readily.

In the name of science let us not jeopardise the local interests.

Fortunately, most of scientific outputs from Crocodile fraternity are simple and long-lasting.

Search 'science' and refine the existing traditional methods.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Remote working- sometimes good

I have always objected to certain field exercises under wildlife studies that evades personal attention, leaving everything to machines.

Today I saw some news-line about remote-working that obviously referred to companies and their young energetic employees. Some companies are probably thinking to stop remote working that may have been started with ample justifications. The thinking for closure also must be some wise forecasts. In this context, I thought to reflect about my own schedules after retirement.

I am retired from job since Dec 2010, but quite busy on my own research work from home since then. It is quite productive too. I get a lot of mail deserving attention. I also get a lot of professional phone calls and consultations. I do everything without charging a fee. Peole are grateful and sometime the gratitude appears as a media mention. For me, no waste of time in unnecessary conversation with visitors or guests or waiting for any boss or his mood.

Apart from these, for those who are on job (not retired),  day by day commuting to work place is a time-consuming and tiring exercise.  The tension also exists for timely preparations at home or return back to home. As an individual a sincere worker is never or seldom able to attend to his certain 'bound-to-do' duties like payment of electricity-revenue-water etc. bills or going to the bank, etc. In recent months I can do many things online.

So, where possible and where the employee is already 'tested and screened', why not add fun, efficiency and leisure to one's good working ethics.  So for a sincere worker as well as his employers remote working is good, effective, efficient and productive.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Students are the best medium to send conservation message

Students comprise the best medium to send conservation message. I realised this well when we organised nature camps in Similipal for different groups and got feed backs from the participants. It was always a delighful experience to teach or talk to young students about my life in the forests, the animals, their behaviour, and the conservation actions done to save them.

My interactions at Puri College on 17th of last month was not different. The students and the lecturers/readers all were very patient, enthusiastic and fully attentive during the two hours session about wildlife. I have received some feed backs on the same afternoon and also later.

Delighted, again!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Invitation to Talk at alma mater is a catalyst to medicines

A few days back I read a message: 'you have not completed the purpose of your life'. My last blog was certainly one of the low-moments in one of the many low-days. I cannot take it out. Let it be there. Today I feel a call back to continue doing something for the younger generation. I get a feeling that while approaching 65 after a long innings of strain, work and self-assumed responsibilities, a person needs some medicines as well as some catalysts to pull on. Medicines were alright but the relief and lightness for me is due to a catalyst-- an invitation to give a talk in SCS College, Puri on the occasion of annual seminar of the Zoology Department. SCS College is my Alma mater.

I was a student of SCS College, Puri during 1969-1972, while completing Pre-professional-- after Higher Secondary, and Graduation with Zoology Honours. The buildings of the College have expanded, I have seen these from outside as I drove along the boundary very often in the last 12-15 years.  I was born and educated in this holy city of Puri, with many childhood lessons and memories. For higher studies and professional research career I had to remain outside Puri, with occasional visits to home. A visit or two for marine turtle work on the sea beach with Dr Bustard in 1975-76 or to document the fate of turtle in the Railway Station, before the Sea Turtle Project was launched, is a different story.

I will be visiting my College first time as a Guest to speak from my experience, distribute prizes to the students and to spend time with the faculty. This invitation has put me back on wheel, in good spirit. I still feel, I am not yet finished in sharing my experience with young students, as a few of them may click for wildlife conservation in future. I am preparing to talk on "Wildlife conservation and planning population research". There will be Post-Graduate students, I wish a few get really inspired, and one or two pursue wildlife/biodiversity research.

Indeed, the work of motivating others from own biographical accounts can never end in my life. 

Wildlife studies or simple observations can be a pleasant and rewarding hobby for all, but a profession for just one or two, although scope is vast and unused yet.

Good feeling!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

In coming Years(?) for me

After a long gap, I am using my blog to write something purely personal. These days things are not as spirited or enthusiastic as they used to be. Tasks seem to never end for me. Entire day busy. Tired in the evening. More tired; giving a feeling that years gone by have really taken the best and most out of me, these are gone and will not be repeated. Friends who admired and relied on my writing have requested time and again but I ma not able to settle down for any creative writing. There are piles of unfinished writings-- literary, popular, semi-technical, research-result. There are many ideas but nothing seem to click or nothing seem to be powerful enough to keep me glued to pen-paper or the keyboard. In spite of several friendly requests I am unable to get enthused or have the urge to go to Koraput and talk to students about my work, about wildlife, about management issues, and so on. I cannot oblige my long time friend a write up for his publication. If someone starts to talk with me it continues with no sign of ending. Interest in life, interest in subject seem to be shifting, or slowing down, but the past work, past friends, and previous well wishers have made so much impact, that I cannot get out of the shoes and the history! As I type, I get an optimistic feeling that may be today is a day for return to my creating literary work of 1960s and 70s. Perhaps this is going to take me through the coming days, months or years. I do not know when I will sit with this page again, and with what in my mind. Until then, I will also be keen to know about me and my mood.