Saturday, October 7, 2017

Simple and long-lasing scientific output for monitoring and bio-conservation?

I always feel, "Science" in the context of biodiversity monitoring and conservation should be such that local people who are consistently available at conservation sites over very long periods can understand, practice and implement it without physical presence of the "Scientist"(s). Conservation has survived not because of 'pure scientists' but because of local people. Most of our scientific interventions are 'project based' for small durations. So please think about such aspects.

Please make Science simple for grass root level staff and other persons because the future of biodiversity or a species depends strongly or entirely on inputs from local talent or muscle-power available readily.

In the name of science let us not jeopardise the local interests.

Fortunately, most of scientific outputs from Crocodile fraternity are simple and long-lasting.

Search 'science' and refine the existing traditional methods.