Friday, October 6, 2017

Remote working- sometimes good

I have always objected to certain field exercises under wildlife studies that evades personal attention, leaving everything to machines.

Today I saw some news-line about remote-working that obviously referred to companies and their young energetic employees. Some companies are probably thinking to stop remote working that may have been started with ample justifications. The thinking for closure also must be some wise forecasts. In this context, I thought to reflect about my own schedules after retirement.

I am retired from job since Dec 2010, but quite busy on my own research work from home since then. It is quite productive too. I get a lot of mail deserving attention. I also get a lot of professional phone calls and consultations. I do everything without charging a fee. Peole are grateful and sometime the gratitude appears as a media mention. For me, no waste of time in unnecessary conversation with visitors or guests or waiting for any boss or his mood.

Apart from these, for those who are on job (not retired),  day by day commuting to work place is a time-consuming and tiring exercise.  The tension also exists for timely preparations at home or return back to home. As an individual a sincere worker is never or seldom able to attend to his certain 'bound-to-do' duties like payment of electricity-revenue-water etc. bills or going to the bank, etc. In recent months I can do many things online.

So, where possible and where the employee is already 'tested and screened', why not add fun, efficiency and leisure to one's good working ethics.  So for a sincere worker as well as his employers remote working is good, effective, efficient and productive.