Friday, February 2, 2018

Guru Dakshina from Dr Rishikesh Sharma- Chambal Sanctuary

Dear Sir,

I feel extremely privileged who flourished under your guidance. I still remember the day when you motivated me for the PhD work on Gharials during your project at Deori Gharial Rearing Center. You have been really kind enough right from the very beginning of my career days and supported me greatly. Your dedication and sincere efforts towards wildlife is really encouraging for many of us like me and I am sure your name will always be recognized as a great Scientist. Apart from this, the most important quality is your humble and down to earth nature which not everyone has.

I am sure we'll do the best for the bird papers and the scientometrics Chapter. But please don't say this would be last for us. I wish to work more and more with you . 

Please take very good care of your health apart from work. You have worked a lot throughout your life , so at this age you have to be more cautious regarding your health rather than work.  

I pray , you have the best of health and God keeps you healthy always. 

Warm regards,
Rishikesh, 1259hrs./02Feb2018